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Mods Are beautiful

Below are the 5 most recent journal entries.


  2005.11.03  23.12

does anyone know where i could get a bunch of 4mm 14g beads for a decent price? (i have a bunch of ptfe but need balls to put on it.) the several times i've tried ebay i haven't been able to find anything so i'm going to assume i should just eliminate that from my choices.

(x-posted, sorry if i'm taking over your friends page!)


  2005.01.23  21.16

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  2005.01.02  19.47

Ok so we have 3 members and me and only 1 person has posted an application. so if you have not posted an application yet please do so. and just to be fair I will post one as well.


  2004.12.31  19.25

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  2004.12.31  04.02

The First 5 memebers here will be auto accepted.